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Hurrah We Are Doing it!

     As spring turns to summer we are not paving the way for a new way of life. The many lessons people have learned over the last year are still holding strong. As helping ones neighbors, checking in on the elderly (MORE) and really listening to people as they share. The need to be heard is there as well. We have been fortunate however to live in a time of advanced technology as we have all been able to stay in communication while being held up in the home. Now as the people are becoming vaccinated , healthy and less fearful, the sunshine is calling us. We move out of the darkness and into the light. We are moving past this terrible dark times and it is now that we must hold on to those new understandings and hopefully into a new better way of life. 

At Pirate industries we feel that the foundation of ones life always needs to feel stable and secure. We offer many means in which one can assure them self's that they are on the right paths. Join us for grounding and meditation classes this summer and learn how to tune into your self and feel secure in your decisions. Knowing that  they are based on solid ground. 

Stay tuned for more up and coming classes this summer, fall and winter. 

At Pirate Industries LLC we understand the need for safety. Every participant must also uphold to our safety regulations and that of the state. All participants must have face coverings or masks on at all times. We will also provide hand sanitizer for before and after each class as well as enforce social distancing. Some of our classes will be held out doors, if you suffer from allergies or other health related issues we ask that they are brought to our attention before class or our event. We will try to accommodate to the best of our abilities.  This will also be for people whom have other forms of disabilities. Some of our meditation classes will be hosted while sitting on the floor. This might not work for people with back related issues or other injuries. Please call or alert us asap so that we can find suitable seating or other accommodations. 

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