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  Classes, Readings, and Events



Classes are offered during different times of the year. They very over different topics such as herbology,  meditation, and  metaphysics. The first block of classes cover grounding which sets a foot forward for all other classes. Subscribing to our email list means you will never miss out on classes discounts and other great opportunities. If not you can always check out our events calendar here.



Specializing in Runes, Palmistry,Tarot and Astrology

With many types of readings to choose from there are just as many ways to receive them. set up an appointment over the phone for personalized natal charts or 15 minute sessions! Check out our availability at our events calendar or call to schedule an appointment now.



Pirate industries has been known to do shows throughout the US including but not limiting to The Bat Cave in Los Angeles CA, Pirate Day of Long Beach CA and Private Parties in Las Vegas Nv, Pangaea in Furgeson NC. Future shows include working with Purgatory in Charlotte NC , Join our subscriptions to stay in touch with all our adventures. 

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