Classes and Courses of Study

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Mudra Meditation

Chakra Cleansing

We cover what our Chakras are, how to tell if they are unbalanced and learn how to heal yourself!

Join us for our newest series called Chakra Work Cleansing and Balancing. This is class will be covering not only the chakras but why it is important to keep them healthy. We will cover what out side tools one can use in aiding the chakras too. This class is intended for ages ten and up. Pay for each class separately at 20$ per class or buy the package at 120 which saves you 20$! Class is after store hours from 7pm until 8pm every other Thursday.

class schedule 

January 13th : Intro to chakras, what are they and why are they important?

Jan 27th : Muladhara or Root Chakra

Feb 10th : Swadhisthana or Sacral

Feb 24th : Manipura or Solar Plexus

March 10th : Anahata or Heart 

March 17th : Vishuddha or Throat

March 31st : Ajna or Brow/ Third Eye

April 7th :Sahasrara or Crown This will be the last class with a guided meditation at the end. This class will be roughly 1 hour and a half long.

Outdoor Meditation

Grounding and Meditation

Every Year we offer this amazing series called Grounding and Meditation. This series teaches one how to tap into the natural energies of the earth and how to find comfort and stability in doing so. Meditation is one of the most beneficial practices one can put to use in every day life. In this series we will go over what is mindfulness and how everything can become a form of meditation! When you begin to put our techniques' to use in every day life you will see how it can help improve not only someone's mental capacities but also how it can aid ones body and spirit. 

This class is open for ages 7 and up as long as they are able to sit still and pay attention. This is a 6 part series at 20$ per class or buy the whole series for only 100$

Class Schedule

April 28 Intro

May 12

May 26th

June 9th

June 23th

July 14thth

Meditating Together

Sound Baths

Every Month Pirate Industries is offering a pay what you can sound bath. This is a donations only even in which we will be leading a guided meditation using different nada yoga techniques such as drums, mantras, and sound bowls. Nada yoga is the use of sound to cleanse , realign, and get rid of stagnant energies, rebalancing  our natural energies. Find your inner calm and strength at our Monthly Sound Bath.

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