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Our Story
" A Pirate Life For Me"

     Pirate Industries started out as a small company, doing shows and conventions throughout the west coast we are now happy to announce our expansion to the east coast. We specialize in hand made gifts, herbal tinctures and organics, as well as having many unique crystals and other items. If you ever have questions or need help making a hard decision, make an appointment with our reader and we will be happy to assist you. We have something for the young and the young at heart! 

In 2017 Joy Keith owner of pirate industries had another business, she ran it for four years but felt like it wasn't quite what she wanted. Selling that one she was able to put forth more energy and ambition to creating what Pirate Industries LLC is today. Now years into Pirate Industries she has been able to spread out and help many along the way. Now she lives in the Carolina's with her young daughter and with hopes of growing as an entrepreneur. She has two books published, Dear Sweetheart, and Time to shed your skin, both can be found on Amazon, Barns and Noble's' and other major book retailers. During different seasons she also teaches classes on an array of metaphysical, call now for more information. 

Ships at Sea
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